Android Apps


“Knowledge is power,” and because of mobile technology, knowledge is available to more people throughout the world than ever before. Smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment of Internet users so we help you build a business and profit from mobile by mobile friendly website and business android apps.

According to industry standards by end of 2013, 500 million Android devices will be activated and will keep increasing by 1 million every day. An Android application is a mobile application developed to use on devices powered by Google’s Android platform.

The portability, relatively low-power usage, and wireless connectivity have allowed this technology to penetrate areas where people couldn’t even dream of using a computer or connecting to the outside world.

The core communication features: text messages, calls, and Internet browsers, are the primary features driving this global access to information. But a well-designed app can be the most important tool a person can use.


andrio-app-icon  STATIC APPS
Develop professional introductionary apps to show your profile.

andrio-app-icon  DYNAMIC APPS

dynamically generated forms, feeding, reports on their android devices with customise user interface development.

andrio-app-icon  GOOGLE MAPS

Enrich your apps with google map for instant geolocation.